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Adhd Case Studies

Billy Said:

What are the legal steps to getting Concerta/Ritalin/etc for treating ADHD? And how much do they cost?

We Answered:

adhd/add is a mental illness,go to your local mental health center,impulsive,attention span,inattentiveness, fidgeting are the symptoms of adhd/add,when you go to the doctor/therapist/Psychiatric they use a chart where your mood is from 1/10, 10 be the best mood,if you give him a 6 or lower,you won't get a stimulant like ritalin/concerta has a side effect of headaches,they'll give you a depression med,or the new 1 vyvanse with no headache,give him a higher # and you'll get a stimulant .if your family is low-income,go to your local mental health center you might qualify for p.p.a( partnership prescription assistance) payed by your local drug taskforce that control control substance.and free therapist services if you've been in that county for some time all of your life.

Constance Said:

If ADHD is treated at youth, do they stand better odds of "growing out" of the disorder?

We Answered:

My son was diagnosed at 8 years old with ADHD. We put him on Strattera and through the age of 14 he stayed on it daily. We did wean him from it (as in going from 60mg daily down to 30mg daily) until eventually he was off of it completely (it took about 2 months).

Here's what I understand from his doctor as the way ADHD and medication work..... the brain is like a filing cabinet. You have specific "drawers" of information stored. People with ADHD end up with those "drawers" and the items located within, miss filed. The medication helps to keep all that information located in those "drawers" more organized and you end up reteaching your brain to think in that fashion.

Once my son had been able to "teach" his brain (with the help of medication) how to focus correctly and retain neccessary information, we were able to take him off the medication (as you put it, "grow out" of the disorder). It's been 2.5 years now since he's had to be on the medicine for it, and we have not seen any setbacks at all. Now, had it not been for the medication, I do not think he could have "grown out" of it. Again, this stems from experience dealing with ADHD and trying everything in the book to keep from having to put him on medication to begin with.

I hope that gives you some insight for your research. Good luck with your paper!!

Dwayne Said:

How to live "functioning well" and think study organize plan, get anything on earth done with ADHD, no meds?

We Answered:

First and foremost have you spoke with the doctor who prescribes your son's and your ADHD meds about your concerns and heart issues? There are many new medications for both adult and youth who have ADHD. I would most definitely start by setting up appointments and discussing possible alternative medications.

Next, the best you can do for your son and yourself should you truly drop all medications....not that I recommend it, though. Get rid of any gaming devices (game boy, play station, etc...), eat three nutritionally balanced meals a day. Drink 3-5 servings of a caffeinated beverage daily...spread out over the course of the day. (This will conteract the ADHD like Ritalin might....but, may not be as good and higher amounts of caffiene may worsen the ADHD symptoms.) Set up and stick to a very predictable daily schedule for both of you. This schedule should allow for some flexibility but should also be very simple and precise. For your son's homework and any diligent chores or work you do, ensure that you work in an area that is free of any possible distractions. For example, your son should be given an area free of tv, radio and other noises as well as people doing other put him on the living room floor while you walk through to do housework is not gonna work. Neither is having a radio on in a room adjacent to where he is working.

Again, I must assert that I truly believe that you and your son would be better of talking with your doctor(s) about alternative medications first.

Frederick Said:

Are there any sites, studies, or information somewhere on parents with ADHD and child with ADHD?

We Answered:

I don't have a child with ADHD, but when I worked in social services, I interacted with children who were diagnosed with it. I believe that the best place to start is with the national organization that represents ADHD. It is a wonderful website, particularly because they also act as advocates for people with the condition. is another great website. Best wishes.

Stanley Said:

when the academic problems ends in the adhd case?

We Answered:

You sound normal to me, you are intelligent, im not sure what you mean about adhd. When you leave school you will be in charge of your own destiny, and may, like me, wish you had tried harder at school.

Fred Said:

Why people with ADHD forget what they have already studied?

We Answered:

the brains of people with ADHD function differently than those without it. people with ADHD tend to only remember what they feel is important, and things that dont interest them tend to slip away pretty rapidly.

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pikantne akcesoria erotyczne said:

I once read, that ADHD is actually not a disease, what is more - it doesn't exist. Then I heard that this theory was rejected, ADHD still is considered as disease, but some trace of it lest and there are people who now laugh when someone mentions ADHD. It is a pity how so calld science can change the way of how people think so easily, and the words that were siad once remain in our awareness for good, even if they were not true.