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Aromatherapy Case Studies

Gary Said:

Why so many creeps reply to free aromatherapy massage advert?

We Answered:

Welcome to our world........ it can be fairly grubby here, can't it?!
Seriously though, learn to develop a bit of thick skin and pity the sad fools that need to get their kicks in that way. Think of a few comments you can make if that happens again- I take it you're talking to them on the phone? You can always just hang up, I've never had one phone me back yet. Or say 'Hmm, you are mistaking me for a rent boy. Easy mistake to make, they usually spend thousands on a course to get professional training and letters after their name don't they?!'
Unfortunately it goes with the territory, a male friend doing reflexology has been asked for 'extras' too- the mind boggles, it really does.......
Another option is not to do it for free- charge a minimal amount for the cost of the oils and washing of towels, then it may not sound dodgy!

Brandon Said:

aromatherapy case studies?

We Answered:

Okay, I am also doing aromatherapy and I use you will find old exam papers, case studies and loads of advice off recently examined students....

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