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Case Study Answers

Glen Said:

what Customer service case study could I use which answers?

We Answered:

The Walt Disney company w/b a good one for sure.

Alan Said:

How to set out and answer a case study in counselling?

We Answered:

As a Clinician, our first response is to single out every major difficulty this woman is facing. Look for the main problems. Remember, the little problems lead to bigger ones. For example: loss of a job, marital problems, cheating spouse led mother to depression. Keep your fcous of your case study to 1) the main problem behaviors; 2) treatment measures used and why; and 3) how you will assess treatment outcomes.

Catherine Said:

any one know where to get the "introduction to management science" case study answers?

We Answered:


Casey Said:

How can we answer case study in the MBA examination?

We Answered:

If this is the first time you're preparing a case study, I'd recommend using a case analysis guide provided by a university or textbook publisher. Houghton Mifflin provides a guide like this for free on their website. The University of Houston-Victoria has a case analysis guide posted as a part of their MBA orientation. Many textbooks also include a more comprehensive guide as an appendix; if yours doesn't, you might want to see if your local library has any strategic management books available.

Jeanette Said:

how do i find answers to a case study by Dr Peter E,J. Trim called Sunremix Expectations Limited?

We Answered:

Apply the course work to the case study.
Search 'case study Sunremix Expectations Limited' and 'Sunremix Expectations Limited core competence'.

To get you started:

Wayne Said:

How to write answers for case study in MBA examination?

We Answered:

Please be specific in doing question. You being an MBA student how could you put such a question?

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