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Case Study Method

Stephanie Said:

what are the weaknesses of the case study method?

We Answered:

It is not statistically significant because it is just one example. Better to do qualitative interviews, with a significant number of participants.

Leonard Said:

what is the difference between teh case study research method and teh naturalistic observation research study?

We Answered:

A case study research method is regulated. You select members of the control and non-control groups, you select the location, and what happens.

A naturalistic observation is observing the subjects in their natural day to day life.

For example, if you want to test a new medication, you do a case study. Give on group the medication (control group) and the other group gets a placebo (non-control group). If you're taking a survey of people wearing white socks you can just observe which people are wearing white socks, which is a naturalistic observation.

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