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Case Study Methodology

Willie Said:

what is the differeneces between single case study methodology and multiple case study?

We Answered:

single case study is more focused on one type of thesis study

Samantha Said:

Case Studies??? Can anyone point me in the direction to information on the shallow case approach?

We Answered:

search google or yahoo web search

Tyrone Said:

how should i write a methodology that based on secondary data for my dissertation?

We Answered:

I assume you mean you wish to refer to this secondary data in your dissertation, in which case you would reference their work in the normal way. You will still have to carry out some independent research. Perhaps you wish to replicate their work and make comparisons; this is good. The important thing is to make clear which is your work, and which is other peoples work. If you reference other work correctly then the reader can clearly see what is your work and what is not.

You would not have to describe in detail their methodology because your readers/tutors can read the original proposal/methodology/findings etc. by following your references. If you DID write other peoples work in detail then your dissertation would be too big. That is one of the reasons for having references. But you can include secondary data in the form of someone else's survey results if it adds weight to your findings, or is useful in some other way. Why not ask your tutor/mentor?

Misty Said:


We Answered:

Many graduate courses include a case study in the curriculum. The interesting ones are when you do not know the name of the company and/or organization until you complete your analysis, and then you find out the "real deal" and compare your results.

Anna Said:

I need help finding a case study. (i have to critique a case study)?

We Answered:

you can study about children who watch violent television and if that correlates to aggressive behavior.

Or you can also do the David Reimer Case study ( I found this one very interesting):

Guy Said:

Is there a website that has a vast ammount of easily accessible psychology case studies?

We Answered:

if you are doing scientific studies you need to access professional psychology journals or your research will be pop-psychology invalid and unscientific.. to access professional journals you will have to pay! try your uni library and see if they have the journals or on line access.

you will not be able to access the professional journals without subscribing…

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