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Case Study Of Any Company

Teresa Said:

Any book that details the complete project development process in a big company?

We Answered:

Sure just search amazon for anything about software development processes like Rapid application development, Unified process, etc. Also some big companies like GE and Bank of America use Six Sigma which is a way to design or improve processes by eliminating defects. There are a ton of books about there. Just do a search sometime.

Johnnie Said:

Are there any laws in place on where you should advertise different job roles?

We Answered:

It's not discrimination, it is common sense
Lower paid jobs are going to be placed in papers that the relevant people will read
like wise higher status jobs will be placed in papers that are read by people looking for higher status people
It makes business sense to place the advert where the relevant people for the jobs are customers

Emily Said:

anyone know of a case study in which OpenSSL has been used by a company?

We Answered:

Lori Said:

What are the benefits of having employee photos on a company intranet? Any articles on this?

We Answered:

I work for a very large American multinational.

A couple of years ago they put all their "organograms" , complete with photos, on their intranet, however they did not bother to include photos of the guys who work OUTSIDE the office, the technical or production workers if you will.

The rumour was that the production guys were all too ugly!

The only time we look at the pictures is, we look at the office girls to see what ones we would like to "hump" ( as if).

I agree that a picture speaks a thousand words, I wonder how many people have been passsed over for a job because in their photo they were ugly, or the wrong ethnicity.

I know of one guy whose parents were european but he was born in Kenya. So on his company Cv it says "Kenya" as his place of birth. He was applying for overseas postings but getting nowehere. Then the pictures started appearing on the intranet and suddenly he gets offered postings. Because he looks European.

Many of the office staff put a lot of effort into getting their intranet photo "just right" becuase they know how important it is to have the right image. They will ask to "vet" the photo before it goes on the website.

What I'd say is, if you are going to do this then include EVERYBODY, from the top right down to the office cleaner. And allow them to vet their photos first.

Kelly Said:

How can you market a low emission construction company in a B2B market place? ?

We Answered:

Hand out flyers on recycled paper (making sure it 'looks' recycled). Or have some guys out on bicycles towing banners saying this is the greenest way to advertisies as its leaves a minimum carbon foot print (no petol, and no emmissions)

Jesus Said:

What are some of the problems with Alienware - the company itself.?

We Answered:

There price

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