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Case Study Presentation

Jamie Said:

Help!!! I need a creative way to present a case study of the Mt.St.Helen's Eruption?

We Answered:

What is your budget?

$ - Powerpoint/ Video presentation

$$ - 3D model display

Best Choice: If you could create a 3D cutout of the surrounding area of Mt. St. Helens and use internal lights and shading techniques, it would be educational and entertaining. PLEASE do not do the baking soda trick. Its old and does not show the internal structure of the mountain. All it shows is a very unrealist overflow display.

$$$ - Working model display with individual projects for everyone.

$$$$ - Field Trip

Kelly Said:

I'm doing a presentation on drug addiction, which drug should I take to do my case study and why?

We Answered:

Crack/meth is a bigger problem. You'd have the drug, it's addictiveness and destruction of the body, plus the neighborhood labs that occasionally blow up.

I don't recommend that you "take it" to do research, lol. (Your wording sounds like that's the plan.)

George Said:

Whats a good case I can talk about for my forensic science presentation?

We Answered:

You can create a scenario, such as a hit-and-run case.

A person was knock down by a car and his head hit on the wind-screen. Then, later, police located a car which was matched with the license number and description by witness. After a preliminary studies, it showed that perpetrator may used bleach to washing away those blood on the wind-screen. However, there was still a splattering pattern, even though the DNA test failed due to the bleach. Then, you can match the splatter pattern with the victim.

That is an easy case. In real world, there were some cases in Hong Kong where the car was burnt to ashes.

For further inspiration, you can watch CIS.

Carole Said:

I'm trying to come up with something creative to include on a presentation on cultural differences. Ideas?

We Answered:

Shoot a video in costume of each different group meeting with the Russians. Have them being offered different snacks and show how the ettiquete and protocol differ. Some nationalities are more respectful, some bow,some stand closer, some will not use certain words, some treat women different etc.

Christina Said:

we have asked to make presentation on CASE STUDY in college...any one having any idea plz help?

We Answered:

Done sir.

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