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Case Study Templates

Roland Said:

I'm Japanese, and studying translation. Could you tell me the meaning of the following sentences?

We Answered:

details the [feature requirements and conflicts]. That's right.
[ Also,that makes] it possible to create custom installations of the product.
Here, that is the subject, "the product template".


Eduardo Said:

HR employees or Business People please help?

We Answered:

I think you have the right idea - break it into sections and write paragraphs to support each one. If they did not provide a template, just develop your own.

One thing to consider - are any of these points "changes" from what the company was doing before? For example, regarding promotions - maybe they used to be seniority-based, and not merit-based. If that is the case, you will need to explain those changes, how they are moving to a merit-based system, and how those changes would be implemented.

Good luck.

Jessie Said:

Is this salary offer too low?

We Answered:

Yessss.. way too low... I use to do 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and I was paid $32,000 a year.... I am well beyond that now in another field but you sure expect a lot of organizational skills and management expertise for such a low salary. I wouldn't even apply.

Good luck

Joyce Said:

Does anyone know what a "Talking Points Memo" is?

We Answered:

Email your teacher and ask her for a response confirming she got your email, she may not have. Then print a copy of it (and the first one) to show her.

The security programs in some school sites is so good it screens out all but previously accepted email addresses.

Doris Said:

I Need Help With My Science Case Study On Stem Cell Research?

We Answered:

Stem cell information is on my favorite website.

Ricky Said:

i need these books(give a download link)?

We Answered:

Authors write books to make money. Textbook companies expect to make money too.

Anyone that copies books without the author's permission is STEALING! The thief responsible can earn jail time and fines of $150,000 per book.

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