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Crm Case Study

Minnie Said:

How to develop Use cases in UML ?

We Answered:

try the UML series for booch,Ramough and i forgot the 3ed one but it is v.good (get the water from the source)

Oscar Said: Any of you ever had good customer serivce with this company?

We Answered:

hears what I found about the company..…………

It doesnt look good! terrible service and most of those sellers will say something is shipped at a certian date and then if they do ship it it will show up 30 days later. when its too late to do a charge back on them. They know how to play the refund game.

If you get a chance. Look at my profile, you will see my forum, I expose scams like this there. Make a post in the scam section about that company and the problem you are having. That will help others in the future who might get taken by jerk scam sellers like him.
You dont have to to that, just if you wish.

Enrique Said:

what kind of transaction codes fall under mySAP crm? Also as an abap pgmmr what r the key topics to learn.?

We Answered:

You will find everything in the sap help portal.

Great SAP sites………
a good ABAP site

ABAP Goodies

Kelly Said:

Can you tell me where a can find case study for CRM for accounting company?

We Answered:

The best that I can do is to get you a great site for everything CRM. You could find this a useful site for your case study.

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