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Discrimination Case Studies

Kay Said:

I'm doing a paper for school on affirmative action vs. discrimination, can anyone give me any case studies?

We Answered:

You should definitely look at the two, split decisions by the Supreme Court (2003) in the anti-affirmative action cases brought against the University of Michigan. In Gratz v. Bollinger, the undergraduate admissions case, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that the university's point system violated the equal protection provisions of the Constitution. However in Grutter v. Bollinger, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the university's law school affirmative action policy for the sake of achieving diversity.

Kyle Said:

Whats the difference between equal opportunity and sexual discrimination?

We Answered:

They aren't both the same.

Sexual discrimination (in the work place) involves decision making that is partisan towards or against members of the gender type or sexual orientation in question, despite the details providing any indication that a different decision may have been more beneficial for the whole. In some cases an independent 3rd party may be used for advice or reference, this will go further in assisting impartial, non-gender based decision making.

I don't mean to be wordy, but the entire area can be rather unclear.

Equal opportunity is the legislation surrounding how decisions should be made in the workplace. It provides guidance for employers and protection for employees by attempting to ensure that all work related issues are dealt with irregardless of the sex, creed, colour, sexual orientation, physical health or disability, and personal relationships, between, with, and in relation to any of the parties involved or affected.

That is as concise as I can be in attempting to offer you an explanation between the two. I am a Union Rep. and have dealt with a number of these cases before. I really hope I helped a little...

All the very best of luck with your dissertation, and if you need any more help, ask the manager of your university students' union, he or she would be well placed to give you some further insight, and being part of the students' union, I am sure will be more that willing to help.

Max Said:

Studies on Job Discrimination?

We Answered:

Nope I don't know anything like that.

But where I live. If you were to apply to work at dunkin donuts if you were a boy the earliest you can work there is 16 and if you were a girl you could only start when you are 17 there. I don't know why but you can look that up.

I only know this because of my roommates neice told me this. She couldn't work there because she is only 16, but her twin brother was allowed to work there. Apparently it's 16 for boys and 17 for girls.

Julio Said:

where can i find case studys for the different legislations in leisure studies?

We Answered: search goverment legislations that worked for me

Harvey Said:

employment tribunals case studies for sorts of discrimination??

We Answered:

DFEH v. Greg Jarvis dba Fathom Bar and Nightclub

California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing (which is the state's equivalent to the EEOC) filed a complaint on behalf of James Tharp against his former employer, Fathom Bar and Nightclub, with the Fair Employment and Housing Commission.

Tharp alleged sexual harassment claiming that his employer asked him personal questions about his genitals during his interview. Also, Tharp alleged that he was told that employees cannot have sex with each other, but could have sex with managers.

The respondent didn't show up to the hearing to dispute this and lost $30,000.

The Fair Employment and Housing Commission is a quasi-judicial administrative agency which enforces California civil rights laws regarding discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations; pregnancy disability leave; family and medical leave; and hate violence. The Commission engages in five primary activities: administrative adjudication; mediations, regulations; legislation; and public information and training. For more information about the commission, go to

For more information about this and other DFEH cases, you can go to…

Fernando Said:

What are three main points that I could discuss for an age discrimination speech?

We Answered:

How many senior citizens do you see cast as main characters in movies and TV shows?

How many models are over 30?

How many older workers have gotten laid off to be replaced with younger workers who don't qualify for the elders' higher salary?

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