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Example Case Study Report

Vicki Said:

I am writing a psychologoical report and need examples of behavioral observations?

We Answered:

Place a penny on a busy sidewalk (in a shopping mall) and notice how many people pass by it. Then place a nickel and see if that number changes, and then a dime and then a quarter. You should be able to chart a direct relation to the number of stop and pick a coin the more its value increases. Thus you are observinb people's behavior when it comes to the time and effort to bend over and pick up a coin in relation to the relative worth of that coin.

Yvonne Said:

Any Case Studies Or Reports? 10 pts to best answer.?

We Answered:

The death penalty is imposed as the result of the full process of law: judge, jury, trial, prosecution, denfense, verdict and sentencing. Only then, and only after due and full consideration should the death penalty be invoked. Taking the law into one's own hands and killing somebody without that process denies the rights of everybody and removes the protection of laws from us all. Not a place I want to live.

Anyway, though, finding news stories may be difficult. Despite what the TV programs may say, I don't think this type of thing happens all that often. I did find one close case:…
where a boy killed a girl (by mistaken identity) and later his own parents were killed in revenge, it seems.

Here is another one about a man plotting the murder of the man that killed his parents:…

Harvey Said:

Psych case study, any suggestions of what is wrong. Warning its a long one?

We Answered:

seems kinda obvious--she has this fear that all her relationships are going to fall apart and she'll never be loved..probably because her parents had such a terrible she doesn't want to let go of her boyfriend and he gets freaked out, making her cling even tighter. she probably has depression too..

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