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Examples Of Case Studies

Felix Said:

examples of case studies for an itec holistic massage course?

We Answered:

sorry not sure what you're asking?!

Jeanette Said:

I need some help with my English Research paper ?? case studies?

We Answered:

A case study means focusing in on one particular part or group of gang violence. For example--find some information on one particular gang like the well known crypts or bloods. Then, find some statistics on how many are teenagers and the violent acts the gang perpetrated. Hope this helps.

Eileen Said:

Hinduism case studies I could use for my mock GCSE R.E. coursework?

We Answered:

Can you go to a Hare Krishna temple and do interviews?
If not, go to their website and see if they list any previous followers. I know John Lennon and some of the other Beetles went to India and "practiced" Hinduism to a certain extent. The problem is, the moral standards in Hinduism are stricter than in Christianity and you cannot smoke pot, eat meat,etc. and practice most forms of Hinduism, e.g. Vaishnavism - Hare Krishna.

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