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Harvard Business Case Study

Eleanor Said:

Why do people whine and complain about Wall Street instead of studying hard and getting a job in finance?

We Answered:

uhhuh. Why do people who get a 100,000 dollar education handed to them with the safety net of working for daddy if they don't like it always whine and complain about these realities they fabricate from rap music and episodes of CSI???

This question asker for example claims: "I see lazy high school kids getting pregnant and smoking rock instead of studying hard"... Oh really? Where have you seen this? At what point in your cookie cutter existence did you form relationships with individuals living within cyclical poverty, imprisonment and drug abuse? My guess is never and that's just more of the same hyperbole that your entire point of view is based upon.

I would also put forth the question to anyone of like mind to this question asker, have you experienced losing a lifetime of savings because your holdings were being managed by boiler room style con artists positioning themselves as finance experts while in reality not much more than telemarketers?

What this question fails to realize it the nations ire is not directed toward the individuals on Wall Street but rather the corruption they trade in. The bottom does not just vanish - the money goes somewhere. And in many instances its a case of pseudo-legal embezzlement. Fraud, deception and theft.

If anyone is demonstrating a unearned sense of entitlement and self-absortion (whining) it is whomever wrote the comments found in this question.

Carol Said:

IS THIS CUTE? Give me a STAR if you like it...?

We Answered: joke I ever heard of so far...

Kimberly Said:

What are your thoughts on this analysis of McCain's healthcare plan?

We Answered:

It will definitely leave a lot more people out in the cold with no coverage than there already is. It's amazing that people who support a party solely based on their belief of pro-life are so willingly able to turn a blind eye to out of the womb human beings that die because of lack of health care coverage. I just don't get it!

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