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Clarence Said:

would you take this action?

We Answered:

You've hit one of the nails on the head. You are talking about products that usually cannot be patented. If it cannot be patented, then who is going to pay for the FDA approval - massive cost. The answer is no one if they do not believe they can recover the cost via exclusivity on supply and sales.

It goes beyond supplements and foods. It extends to all health environs outside modern medicine.

The Alt Med skeptics try to tell you that Alt Med is big business - multi-million dollar industry. Which is a lovely comparison to pharmaceuticals - a multi-trillion dollar industry. (For those who have difficulty with numbers, that's 1 million times 1 million.) Yep, if I'm going to make the big bucks, I'm going to choose Alt Med!

Reading so much of what is said on YA, it appears that this is worse in the US than here in Australia. However, our Government (doesn't matter which party, they are all the same) keep copying the policies of the US, so it may not be long for us.

Wayne Said:

Can someone proof my paper, i feel like it needs something?

We Answered:

Coping With Religious Diversity in the United States

How can we, as one of the most diverse nations, [comma] become a nation that is completely accepting and TOLERANT of all our CITIZENS' [apostrophe] religions?

• repetition of "nation" possibly weakens the sentence; can you substitute something for the second occurrence?

Since the last real religious census is QUITE dated, [comma] the numbers will have increased a moderate amount.

• the number of religions, or the number of citizens with "minority" religious beliefs? Needs clarification.

With over a hundred million Christians, five million Jews, four million Muslims, almost two and a half million Buddhists, and one million Hindus, America is setting a good example for other countries to not be discriminatory towards different religions.

• if this is a formal paper, best not to split the infinitive in "to not be discriminatory".

Most people in the United States do not realize that one of the most unique things about America is the fact that we can all believe what we want to. They are also ignorant to the horrific reality that in some countries if someone chooses to have a different faith than what is acceptable not only can they be put to death but it is also acceptable.

• 2nd sentence is a bit jumbled.

This is why it is important that we find some way to deal with religious diversity so people can feel like they are truly free and not being scorned for their religious choices. Some of the most brilliant minds in the country have come up with a project to study the diverse religious demographic.


I'm not sure if I can even post this response, given Y!A's recent malfunctioning, so I'll pause at this point. :)


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