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Healthcare Case Study

Eugene Said:

Does this help at all with the healthcare debate?

We Answered:

Our governement would like all of us to think Canada is a 3rd world nation when it comes to healthcare. But it's the other way round, unless you have mega bucks to AFFORD our healthcare.
Any healthecare is better then NONE.

Samantha Said:

Global variations in life expectancy: can anyone help me with case studies?

We Answered:

Conflict is a big issue not on your list. Falling into the other categories don't forget child and childbearing mortality, basic nutrition, and job dangers.

The sources below won't give you exact case studies, but maybe they'll help narrow down the countries you're most interested in so you can locate a few good ones.

Kimberly Said:

Dont know what to study...?

We Answered:

Definitely. The world always needs educated people whether they choose to work or not. Art majors are always seem fun or maybe international business. My mom has always told me to think about what you loved doing when you were a kid, and follow it. Like if you loved having lemonade stands, consider a major in entrepreneurship. The sky is the limit really. Don't limit yourself. Plus, where would the world be without mothers? =] Best of luck.

Peggy Said:

Help! Microbiology case studies-don't know where to even begin! I'm not a healthcare professional yet!?

We Answered:

Case 8.

Classic presentation for E coli is short for Escherichia coli -- a bacteria (germ) that causes severe cramps and diarrhea. E. coli is a leading cause of bloody diarrhea. The hamburger meal is a give-a-way for e coli.…

case 2

Probably Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Does not sound correct for Lyme's…

case 5 sounds like viral flu.

Sorry I do not have time to be extensive in explanations

Brittany Said:

What does a healthcare background check for school look for?

We Answered:

I can't tell you what is in a medical background check, but I can tell you generally what is in a background check:

1. What is in Google - Google yourself to find out
2. Credit Reports - You can get a free credit report on yourself once a year. see…
3. Criminal and Dirver's License reports - you can check with your local law enforcement for this (of course if there is an outstanding warrant, they may arrest you) - Some states will allow you to do this on yourself (only) online also.
You can check with a paid online investigative service.

See my article in my source listed below.

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