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Hiv Case Studies

Jeffrey Said:

Why does HIV rate keep doubling for BLACK MALES?

We Answered:

HIV in general is on a rise, and it's actually affected African American Women the most, and homosexual males... but not one is exempt for getting the disease. Reason for this? Obviously risky sexual activity, plus heroin addicted is on a rise, which means needle sharing.

Perry Said:

Why is HIV 10 times more prevalent among black Americans than white Americans, and what should be done?

We Answered:

A very large percentage of black males are bi-sexual but hide it (down low) that is also why black females have such a high rate of HIV, their "man" (LOL) brings it home from the boyfriends house.

Donna Said:

is it true that epidmilogical studies on HIV infection conducted in real life?

We Answered:

Studies have shown that using condoms does reduce the risk of acquiring HIV. Condoms don't entirely eliminate the risk. Condoms can be defective-always make sure that the package is not worn, (from carrying in a wallet or pocket), there is an expiration date that should be checked as well-the material could break down if too old, the condom should be checked for very small holes and if ok on all counts-used properly with every sexual encounter.

Having unsafe sex with a HIV infected partner is very high risk. There's a theory that having sex with an infected partner who's viral low is very low may not be quite as risky but I wouldn't test that theory.

A small population of people who have taken this risk but not sero converted, have been observed, but again, I wouldn't take that risk, there's no way to measure it.

So, where you might find some case studies, it'll be unlikely that you find any solid proof in this very risky area.

Justin Said:

LGBT Case: How should she confess?

We Answered:

Oh man, that would be difficult.

Three of the most difficult things to have to tell your parents, all at once.

I guess she should tell them everything at the same time, just to get it over with.

Like "Mum, Dad, I'm a lesbian. Unfortunately, I felt I had to sleep with a man in order to confirm my sexuality for myself, and I was stupid enough not to use protection. Now I'm HIV positive and pregnant. I'm so sorry and I really need you to help me through this!"


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