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Management Case Studies

Raul Said:

Project management Case Studies?

We Answered:

Craig Said:

can anyone suggest me list of international case studies in management with documents?

We Answered:

Inmformation is below.

Kristen Said:

poject management case studies?

We Answered:

The US nuclear submarine development project under Adm. H. Rickover has got to be among the classics in American management. You can start here… and see if this helps you at all.

For an example of crisis project management, the story of Apollo 13 (see the actual NASA reports or " Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 by Jeffrey Kluger, James Lovell) has got to be an all time classic.

For examples of mismanagement: The ones that come to mind are:
1) Three Mile Island: America's nuclear accident that changed forever nuclear power in the US.…

2) Chosin Reservoir:…

3) WTC 9/11:

Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Virgil Said:

Kindly Give me details of how to make Case Studies in operations management?

We Answered:… click on the link It will prove helpful to u.

Danny Said:

Where can I find free download of solved management case studies?

We Answered:

You cannot. Management case studies are not public domain.

Anna Said:

I am looking for Management Case Studies with Answers?

We Answered:

I thought this was the Special Ed section? do you even know what special ed means?

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