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Mis Case Study

Marjorie Said:

starbucks case study in MIS?

We Answered:

It shows them busy places that would most likely bring business.

Shelly Said:

can anyone know the answers or website link for the solution of this case study???

We Answered:

This is a link explain what they did to deal with their problems…

Good Luck!!!

Beth Said:

case study for physical and conceptual structure of MIS?

We Answered:

what is MIS?

please answer mine:;…

Michele Said:

Where can i get a MIS System for school coded in VB6?

We Answered:


Donna Said:

What is the eligibility of an MBA student from the US for the H1 Visa ?

We Answered:

You are eligible for H1. H1 is for specialty occupation you have have the education required for that.

Usually applying for the H1 starts on the 1-April. So find out the employer who can file your H1. You will be able to start on the H1 in October -2009. So you have to maintain your status until that.

Juanita Said:

where do i get mis case studies w.r.t. bpr security knowledge management & ebusiness/ecommerce?

We Answered:

start out by checking the company websites of the vendors that provide such software and/or services like IBM (for all) and someone like Art Technology Group (for ecommerce/ebusiness). Usually the company websites will give you several customer references - companies that they'd helped achive success with their software and/or service in those spaces. Pick the type of customer you're looking for in a non-IT space; if you're lucky, the website may give you all you need without doing any more research. But it's a good place to start.

Megan Said:

One father married his son on 10-03 -2007.and second married on 15-04-2007.after married girl stay in husband?

We Answered:

WHAT the H.E.L.L..........?????

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