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Negotiation Case Study

Lucy Said:

what does managerial implication mean?

We Answered:

basic bulshitting !

Benjamin Said:

what point in history was there a conflict between an assertive guy and an agressive guy?

We Answered:

Dwight Eisenhower, leader of the European theatre of operations (ETO) during World War II was assertive. George Patton one of the Generals serving under him was aggressive. They were at odds over the course the allies should take on numerous occasions. At the end of the day, Eisenhower was the boss and his will typically won out.

Jesse Said:

Do I study Engineering, or try get a career going in this basket case economy?

We Answered:

Since you can't find a job ( and it looks like there won't be any job openings anywhere anytime soon ) you aren't left with much choice . Go study engineering , we can only hope the job market will be in better shape by the time you get finished .

Felix Said:

Counter offer case study?

We Answered:

Legally there is no concluded contract between A and B , and between A and C.
A has not replied to B and hence there is no contract between them !
There is no contract between A and C, as C as the terms of contract have not been fulfilled and the contract is voidable at the option of C , which he has exercised .

Fernando Said:

International Negotiations topic?

We Answered:

Try the g20 accord this past year:…

putting our financial sector under regulations of the world bank and IMF.

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