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Organizational Change Case Study

Carolyn Said:

psychology - Perceiving the question is the first step in a scientific investigation. This step is derived fro?

We Answered:


Jerry Said:

Organisational Psychology or Engineering?

We Answered:

I'd encourage you to consider Industrial Engineering.

I'm about your age and I recently returned to school to get a BS in Chemical Engineering. The first time I went to college I didn't have the self-discipline and maturity to complete my degree (mathematics), but working in the "real world" for several years helped me to grow up. I was making a very high income (relative to my peers), but job stability in my field is not good, so I chose to return to life as a "poor" student. I also have to put my life on hold until I finish school, and one of the reasons that I'm willing to make those sacrifices is the fact that a 4 year degree in engineering has actual value. You already have a "soft" degree which has been of no value to you, so why get another?

My family has generations of engineers, and none of them have ever been without work for an extended period of time. With engineering, a four-year degree IS the professional degree. A four year degree in psychology isn't going to do much for you - at the minimum you'll need a Master's to find pertinent work, and even with a Ph.D. in psychology, the amount of job opportunities will likely still be less than if you have a BS in your chosen flavor of engineering. Please understand that I'm not speaking ill of psychology - I find it fascinating, but in my opinion engineering offers far more in return for one's investment.

Engineering may not be for you - but that's for you to decide - if you want it badly enough, you can do it. Visit the engineering department at your university (or at another university, if yours doesn't have an engineering dept.), speak with students who are majoring in engineering, and so forth. If you decide you want to pursue an engineering degree, you will soon find out whether it's for you (long before you're anywhere close to graduating), and you could always fall back on psychology as "Plan B". I wish you the best!

Lois Said:

What is organizational culture?

We Answered:

culture is the buzz word for how a business approaches task, makes decisions, handles problems. Pretty much how they approach their sphere of business.

Change is hard, but usually comes about by recovering from mistakes.

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