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Pediatric Case Studies

Sean Said:

What are my chances of passing the biology and/or natural sciences CLEP exams?

We Answered:

The best way for you to see what the difficulty level for these courses are to take a practice test from the CLEP Official Study Guide book. This has practice exams for both of those CLEPs, and you will be able to gauge the difficulty of the exam.

Here is a little info from my own personal experience. I took both of these CLEPs, the Biology exam as a 16 year old, and the Natural Sciences CLEP as an 18 year old. For both exams, I only had some high-school studies, and then some additional brush-up from CLEP preparation resources. Biology was a more focused exam, being for only one subject, while the Natural Sciences CLEP was much more broad, as it covers several subjects.

I studied for a few months on the Biology CLEP exam, though this was extremely part time. I was in high school, and had other activities going on, so did not study that regularly. For that exam, I used my high school Biology materials, as well as some online materials.

For the Natural Sciences CLEP exam, I only studied one week. I was working about 30 hours a week at the time, but outside of that, I pretty much just studied. For that exam, I only used, an online study resource, with no supplementation.

I passed both exams with plenty of buffer.

For you, with your previous studies in those science areas, as well as your real life experience with nursing, I would guess that you would have an easier time, depending on how well you remember your studies. So I would take a practice exam, find out how ready you are, and then brush up using your study books, and maybe an online resource. Once you are ready, and your practice test results show that, then go in and take the exams!

Best wishes!

Carolyn Said:

Med school? Nursing? I don't know which I want or is better help?

We Answered:

RN's do NOT diagnose. They cannot diagnose a medical condition. The diagnoses we have deal with more of care plans and how you take care of someone, but cannot deal with the medical condition per say (doctors diagnose people).

As an RN, we may say:

nutrition inbalance: more than bodily requirements SECONDARY to obesity related to consuming excess calories, BMI greater than 35 and lack of physical mobility as evidenced by.......

As an RN, you will still be assisting with some bathing and things of that nature. There are CNA's in the hospital who have this responsibility, but you as the RN are the one in charge of the patient ( you do assessments, give meds, etc). Sometimes, things need to be done, and your there, and have to do it. Just the way it is.

Its dirty work, but very rewarding!!

Byron Said:

What is the point in some questions in this section?

We Answered:

I agree. I don't usually include links, but I answer when I know something is correct. I get thumbs downs all the time. Oh well. Some people just don't know a smart answer when they read one. Too bad for them.

Julio Said:

Shortcuts are killing america, YOU NEED TO STOP AND THINK. you can change your future.?

We Answered:

Perhaps what you say is true, but you failed to post any documentation.
Thus I remain somewhat skeptical.

Shawn Said:

Why miracles happen only in Christianity???? from Jesus till now.?

We Answered:

You need to get out more. Miracles are everywhere, if one looks.

Carla Said:

Results of braydens sleep study (mainly for my contacts)?

We Answered:

Thats weird... I thought you were on my contact list.. anyway

We went through a few scary things even before our daughter was born. I had such a good pregnancy, everything looked great, I was healthy, baby was healthy.

My ob does routine third trimester ultrasounds. So I went for one when I was 34 weeks along. The ultrasound tech acted funny the whole time. She kept asking me questions oddly but not telling me anything. She was very unprofessional, and to this day, I am so angry about it.

So scurried out of the room, left me on the table, in the dark, my shirt up, and gel still on my belly ... for 45 minutes!

45 min later she came back in with a doctor who explained to me that my daughter was growing a tumor near her ovary, near her bowel, but didn't know exactly where.

The day my daughter was born she had ultrasounds which confirmed she had an ovarian tumor. We had to go numerous times to Sick Kids Hospital because the tumor was growing and getting to a dangerous size. The day we went in for surgery they did another ultasound and the doctor was surprised to say that the tumor was shrinking on its own. He actually called it a miracle. It was.

End result is that the tumor ended up rotating the ovary, killing the blood supply and now Ava only has 1 ovary. Thankfully, we didn't have to do surgery so this story ended up having a happy ending.

Children's bodies bounce back so fast. They are really "little fighters". I really do believe your son will grow out of this. My daughter had a lot of minor problems that healed itself. She had the tumor, a herniated bellybutton that healed on its own and a whole in her heart that closed up on its own.

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