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Relationship Case Studies

Patsy Said:

temporal relationship in case-control studies?

We Answered:

It applies to the time relationship between cause and effect. The statement that the temporal relationship cannot be determined means that one cannot tell from this study whether "A led to B" or "B led to A."

Shawn Said:

Use case, Entity relationship diagrams info??

We Answered:…

This link is very good for the basic understanding.
Try this

Rebecca Said:

Where can I find more information on targeting CIOs through Relationship Marketing?

We Answered:

Greetings, Nosy One.

The very best information I have ever come across has been through Claritas. (I believe you can look them up on Google under that name - or try Claritas Prizm Clusters).

If you don't already know, Annointed One, Claritas has divided the US population into 62 different cluster groups, each according to where they live, what they drive, their media habits, hobbies, etc. This information is more psychographic than demographic in nature and gets more to the root of what it is that motivates consumers to buy.

It doesn't delve into the purchasing habits of CIOs per se, but you can probably use your Starbucks infused brain cells to form an educated guess as to which Prizm clusters best fit your average CIO.

If you are not already familiar with Claritas but are interested in consumer research and/or developing more targeted consumer profiles, you should really check it out.


Tommy Said:

naturalistic observation, case studies and surveys all have in common that?

We Answered:


now do the rest of your homework by yourself.

Hugh Said:

What is the relationship of Thermodynamics to Road Safety?

We Answered:

Ok well a really good, and basic necessity it brakes.
Once a vehicle is in motion, you need to be able to control its velocity, sometimes rapid deceleration is required to prevent an accident or such. To do this you are relying on your brake pads and rotors to transform some or all of the vehicles kinetic energy into heat, and dissipate it into the atmosphere effectively, on demand.

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