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Supply Chain Management Case Study

Leslie Said:

Can someone with law experience please answer my question below thank you?

We Answered:

It is unlikely that the attorney will take your case. Besides, you want a different type of lawyer.

Javier Said:

Can someone provide information on Globalcast, manufacturer and supllier of metals and plastic moulding?

We Answered:


Lucent Technologies has taken a equity stake in GlobalCast
Communications, a developer of IP multicast protocol technology
based in Fremont, California. Under the deal, GlobalCast will
also acquire exclusive rights in the Internet arena to develop and
market products based on Bell Labs' Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol (RMTP) technology. Financial terms were not disclosed. This was it's start in 1997!

GlobalCast was developing a common API that provides real-time reliable multicast communication for all data types (live,
streaming, push, bulk file, etc.) and all network types.…,

* Are you sure you mean GlobalCast? There is a GlobeCast company!

HANK (Josh)

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writer from said:

Javier, why don't you visit Globe Cast website. The information there is pretty interesting.

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