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Technology Case Studies

Edith Said:

How does the Water sensor in a washing machine work?

We Answered:

weight of the water stops the flow. guessing.

Diane Said:

the industry and technology in the philippines case study?

We Answered:

Think of the call centers scattered all over in Makati. That is one industry that uses current technology. Locate a person who knows someone working in any of the call centers. There should be a lot of people employed in the telemarketing (call centers) industry so it should not be hard to get information and in-depth research to make a good case study.

Michele Said:

I need a case study of implementation of new IT technology. Any ideas?

We Answered:

I would use technology with special ed.

Ruby Said:

How does the water sensor in a washing machine work?

We Answered:

it is controlled by a pressure switch. for detailed information and pictures refer to…

George Said:

Case study buildings needed[ The Advancements in Glass Technology]?

We Answered:

Crystal Palace (UK) by Joseph Paxton 1851

Bauhaus at Dessau (Germany) by Walter Gropius 1927

Farnsworth House (USA) by Mies Van Der Rohe 1951

All used glass innovatively at the time and paved the way for further advances. They are well-documented both architecturally and technically.

If you are looking for something like the use of suspended assemblies or structural glass (eg Fluid Structures conservatory of 2004) you may need to follow up withe the manufacturers of the patent systems involved. The best source is Pilkingtons in the UK.

Lucy Said:

benefits of migration from the viewpoint of technology. Can you give a case study relating to this question?

We Answered:

Most probably the only technology related to migration is military equipment. The reason is that migration is a covert form of invasion whereas weapons are the more straight-forward open side of warfare.

IMO The only long-term solution to the Mexican reconquista is building a strong homeland in the Northwest.
See the YouTube video on the subject:

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