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Times 100 Case Studies

Leroy Said:

Would you spend time and answer 10 online questions correctly if you could earn $100?

We Answered:

it depends if theres a catch to it,
and if you had to fill out heaps of details
(like personal information)

Joel Said:

Total T3 and Reverse T3 in thyroid diagnosis?

We Answered:

I think I'd get a free t3 also. Total T3 just tells you how much T3 there is. It doesn't tell you how much is available.

Why did your doctor do a reverse T3 if he/she didn't know what the results would mean?

Wilma Said:

Read the following case study and answer the following questions (internet sources prefered)?

We Answered:

You ask a number of questions.

With respect to your question what kind of smog is likely to form we first need to know what were the fuels being burned?

The fuels burned most widely would have been coal, fuel oil, diesel and gasoline.

Next the clue that people with a history of heart trouble were the most vulnerable, not people with recordsof bronchitis and emphysema.

This is a very important clue. One of the culprits of this smog could be sulfur dioxide. However sulfur dioxide would give more trouble to people with histories of bronchitis and emphysema than it would give to people with histories of heart trouble.

Another pollutant in this smog would have been Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Monoxide irreversibly combines with hemoglobin in the blood cells. Hemoglobin is the molecule that transports oxygen to the cells of your body.

When Carbon Monoxide combines with hemoglobin it destroys the ability of the hemoglobin to transport oxygen to the tissues of the body.

This forces the heart to work much harder to get the same amount of oxygen to the tissues of the body because the heart must pump much more blood to deliver the same amount of oxygen to the cells of your body.

I suspect the compound in the smog that caused the problem was carbon monoxide because the people with a history of heart trouble were most affected.

With respect to what caused the fog or smog to last for four days, I am not a climatologist, but I suspect that there was an inversion layer in the atmosphere that prevented the air in London from going elsewhere. This permitted the carbon monoxide levels from the burning of fossil fuels to build up to very high levels.

With respect to vegetation, Carbon Monoxide also irreversibly combines with the plant enzymes that normally combine with carbon dioxide to produce sugars and ultimately starches and cellulose. The carbon monoxide molecule prevents this enzyme from operating.

This further confirms my suspicion that the culprit is carbon monoxide.

Eleanor Said:

Business Law - Case Study! Help Me!?

We Answered:

Hi Sarah,

I have to assume that you have to either advise Karen of her legal rights or you have to look at the problem of potential consequences for the business.

There are two issues here, The business or Karen?

These are two different legal entities.

Let us assume you have to advise Karen.


IDENTIFY the area of law you are discussing.

DEFINE the area of law.

EXPLAIN the law

APPLY the law.

There is obviously an issue here between Karen and the legislature. Constitutional law?

Can Karen litigate against parliament?

If so on what grounds?

Can she ask for a judicial review?

Is there an issue in EU law here?

Is this legislation a measure equivalent to a quantitive restriction? (MEQR).

Article 81 & 82 of the EU Treaty? Do they apply here?

What remedies are available?

Is there a defence? Public interest?

Hope this helps you think.

Good luck.

Jared Said:

Does NOW want to reinstate the Tender Years Doctrine?

We Answered:

N.O.W. (really all of feminism) wants custody (and as much child support as if feasible) to go to the mother *except* when she can do better otherwise.
The problem is that feminism has no regard for children but only the mother.

Discuss It!

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