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Daniel Said:

Getting accepted into the navy nuclear program with a GED and 45 college credits?

We Answered:

Unfortunately the GED does work against you a bit. The Navy can only have 5% of enlistees be non-high school graduates. Speaking from experience, if your recruiter told you that you do not qualify for nuke then you don't. Recruiting works off points, the more qualified the applicant is, the more points the recruiter gets. Females that score that high on the ASVAB and qualify for the nuclear field are worth a lot of points. To put it simply, nobody would turn you away if they could enlist you as a nuke.

The Navy does not look at the circumstances behind the GED, they just look at the fact that you dropped out of high school. Unfortunately they look at that as a lack of commitment, regardless of the reason you left school. This is not something I agree with, but I am obligated to adhere to the rules set forth. You still qualify for some awesome jobs that will get you top-secret clearances. Talk with your recruiter to see what else you would qualify for. However, you will not know what jobs are available until you go to MEPS. If you are still interested in getting the benefits of the Navy, go into it with an open mind, open to all different jobs. They are not going to offer you a crappy job if you score in the 90's. But they will not take you to MEPS if you are job locked on one certain job.

Little bit of good information. The nuclear field coordinators are always checking the MEPS website for applicants who score over an 80. They will look at your GED and pass over you. BUT!!! If you are already enlisted under another job (show the commitment to serve your country any way possible regardless of job) then the NF coordinator can see about an academic waiver to get you in the NF. Now this is not a for sure thing, but a chance. The question you have to ask yourself is, are you just looking for nuke or are you open to other opportunities. Best of luck.

Edgar Said:

How can I practice spanish if my class doesn't start for a couple of months?

We Answered:

hang out in taco bell all day

Allison Said:

doing poorly in college can I study engineering?

We Answered:

Get urself a good pair of lenses.. then focus, you can do it. Come on, once you are past Calc it eases out. Serious very little of calculus is used in industry until and unless you go into research. Come on just try to pass with a C of better. At the end of this semester if you still decide it is not for you, opt out to change your major. But think seriously, one hard semester is not the end of the world.

Good Luck.
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Allan Said:

How will mechanics affect my asvab score?

We Answered:

If you score well on the mecanics, then can be a mechanic. Simple enough. One of my friends is really dumb in every subject(15act) and he guessed on the mechanical part of the asvab and they asked him if he knew a lot about mechanical things. He said no...
Personally, I got about 60% on my mechanical.

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