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Comprehension For Grade 1

Jessica Said:

child has a slight speech delay & comprehension issue with somethings in class. The class is half regular ed. ?

We Answered:

He should not be held back in 1st grade for a 2nd time. No good for your son will come from this, He's already mastered the math, history and science from 1st grade. He'll get bored and act out if he has to repeat those subjects. He should be getting speech therapy, as well as working on a language comprehension program such as SRA Direct instruction. A program such as this done in a small group setting really can make a difference. Here's a link to a program that might be appropriate for your son.… This is just one of many programs they offer. You can even see video clips of this in action to see if it would be appropriate for your son.

You need to go to and start to brush up on advocacy skills so you can get your son the appropriate services at his next IEP meeting.
As a parent DO NOT SIGN the IEP stating that your child will be repeating 1st grade again. I would not agree to this at all. Get the copy of your "Parents Rights" handbook that the school gave you and see what their policy is on retention.

When you are at the next IEP meeting (which you can call any time you like) Discuss your son's comprehension issue. Ask what program they are using to help your son with his comprehension goals. IF they're not addressing them, show them the material about SRA and ask if they have such a program.

Remember, when it comes to your son's IEP and the meetings, YOU are as much a member of the "TEAM" as everyone else at that table. Your suggestions and input on your son's educational program are equally important. Start educating yourself all about the IEP process and the law. Learn the lingo like FAPE, appropriate, LRE, and how they apply to your son. Just from the little bit you've given in your question I could write a letter to the principal and special ed director

Dear Principal and SpedDirector, I'm concerned with the schools desire to retain my son for a second time in the 1st grade. I believe he'll be denied FAPE due to the distress of being retained again. Not only that, it will be in violation of LRE according to his IEP. He currently receives above average marks in history, math and science, so retention is not an appropriate remediation for his issues. Another year in 1st grade will not be the LRE that he is entitled to by law. We need to have a new IEP meeting to set appropriate accommodations and services to address the issues that are causing the school to want to retain my son. I expect to hear from you by 2/13/09 to address this matter. (give 5 days for response).

Charlotte Said:

Is it ok to recommend adderall to my doctor?

We Answered:

Tell them straight up! I need to be on adderall because I can't keep my focus, and can't remember what I read. That's what I told my doc/phyc. He recommended a brand new drug/close to adderall called is great! The best thing that ever happened to me. It helped me start focusing in a week and over come depression.. It works right away and your the boss. If U abuse the meds... he will know in a short period of time. Tell him like it is, just like you told us. .......... I need to be on adderall/vyvanse because I have all the symptoms. And listen, but continually tell him u want to try the adderall, etc. If he thinks U should try this or that....... tell him, I don't want to try that, I want to try the adderall because it has helped people U know that have the same symptoms. gl and sure would love to hear an update. Hugs kiddo. Don't feel so bad either, I dropped out of high school for the same reason, I couldn't get it. U sound like a wonderful girl! Hugs... email me if u want! tc for now.

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