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Comprehension For Ks2

Lois Said:

Who is Pip Davenport/ Davened?

We Answered:

I did my Literacy sats test yesterday, and we had a test with Pip Davenport. He was a young boy who helped his Uncle Henry study rides at the fairground. Please rate me best answer!!!

Steve Said:

Can any of you tell me a good site for comprehension and maths revision ks2??? 10 pts 4 best answer?

We Answered:

Bitesize maths

Kimberly Said:

Du any of u kno wht will come for the 2008 ks2 english papers?(short writing, long writing and comprehension)?

We Answered:

I think your brother must be clever enough to go without cheating! The best advice is to eat 2 shawarmas and sleep early thinking of SATs. No doubt..YOU WILL c it in your dreams.
Goodnight! and SWEET DREAMS.

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