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English Comprehension For Kids

Julio Said:

What is wrong with school these days? Where is the help kids like me need?

We Answered:

Matthew, have you ever been tested for a learning disability? As a middle school teacher, I see kids like you every year who are bright and inquisitive, but still struggle to learn because of something beyond their control.

Students identified with learning disabilities are assisted by teachers who specialize in applying learning strategies that supplement what you are learning in the classroom. Its remarkable to see the progress most of these kids make when the problem has been identified and addressed.

Anyone who suspects their child has learning disabilities should talk to his or her school counselor to get tested and get the assistance and accomodations that will make their child successful.

Good luck, Matthew.

Sidney Said:

What is the technical name for "state of being" verbs?

We Answered:

I think that root of this question is the fact that by far the majority of verbs entail some voluntary action. Walk, talk, sing, fling, etc.. But there are verbs such as "to be" that entail no choice or activity at all. Such verbs are called "linking verbs," though what the distinction accomplishes, other than complication, is beyond my understanding.

Gloria Said:

Is this illegal for a landlord to do?

We Answered:

Once you have sat down and calmly reviewed the situation, you should decide if you really do have cause for complaint. If you feel you can't resolve anything with your landlord personally, then there is an independent Agency that you can contact (Most Towns have one). They will check out the legality of your contract and mediate on your behalf if you have a valid case - check out this guide -…

Melvin Said:

Difference Between Core, Comprehension, and Honors?

We Answered:

Core courses: are courses that are in your major (Education 101, Reading in the Content Area, etc.)

Honors: are classes that are for advanced. They usually are weighted.

Comprehensive: are classes that rely on prior classes as background knowledge needed to complete the class. French II, you need to have French I before taking French II or Algebra I is required before taking Algebra II.

I pray this helps and best wishes

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