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English Comprehension Grade 4

Don Said:

MY perfect job as a 14-year-old?

We Answered:

Hey I didn't start work until I was 16 and now I earn bucket loads. You do what you feel your capable of. I think it's great your 14 and you want to start at the top but it does not work that way in the workforce you need experience and need to be confident and get yourself out there attitude. But you don't want to wait tables your whole life so do what you think you can for now and get the better jobs as your experience goes up. So just use these small times jobs as a stepping stone then get into the industries you want when you are eligible enough or wait it out until your at uni/college. You can get heaps of good jobs like that when your at uni or college.

Glenda Said:

Do some people seriously consider high school the "best years of their lives?"?

We Answered:

not always. Some people say college or other parts of their lives was their better years than in high school. That would totally depend on you.

Hector Said:

I need help writing a persuasive essay?

We Answered:

Well, you can get some ideas from these sites:……

You could use some of these statements for your hook:

Students often consume up to 50% of their daily calories at school.

Young people today are eating on average 8% more than they were less than 30 years ago.

Nationally, 83% of elementary schools, 97% of middle/junior high schools, and 99% of high schools sell food and beverages through vending machines, school stores, or a la carte in the cafeteria.

Poor nutrition during childhood can have lasting effects and impair cognitive development and school performance.

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