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English For Everyone Reading Comprehension

Erik Said:

Do modern Feminists have superhuman abilities...?

We Answered:

Yes, feminists have the incredible ability to see sexism and patriarchal conspiracies where they don't exist!

Lee Said:

can anyone read my english essay please?

We Answered:

i think it's fantastic! Also, adding a quote is a great writing tool.

Christian Said:

Could this be Dyslexia?

We Answered:

This could literally be a ton of things. Sounds kind of like my son who is cognitive disabled (mentally slower, lower IQ), but also sounds like some ADD may be mixed in, possibly dyslexia as well. But like I said, these symptoms can lead to many different things. For my son it takes him some time for things that are said or read to actually process through his brain. He has a lot of "ah-ha" moments.
But, to your school counselor. If they think you need to be tested, they can test without your parents consent. Once the school tests and finds what they think, you can get services through the school. Maybe if they find something your mom will understand and take you for a better evaluation.
I know it sucks, and is extremely difficult everyday, but keep trying. Fight for your right to find out what is wrong, but do it in a manner that makes people want to help you. Tell the school counselor you want to do better and really want to know if there is something that you are doing, or if it is your brain making it difficult on you.
Good luck kiddo, keep your head up!

Johnnie Said:

Any other Americans who speak English like a foreigner/look like a foreigner?

We Answered:

My years in Belgium have taken their toll. I write with the British style and speak French, and dress in European clothes.

Thelma Said:

Is the American education system really this ridiculously easy?

We Answered:

well I'm Canadian, but I do know that Americans also have to write SAT's and and an essay to get into university as well. It's probably not as easy as that ACT website makes it seem. you should check the practice exam for SAT's as well. I've heard they are hard. Maybe the samples papers for ACT are easier? I don't know.

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