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French Listening Comprehension

Jennie Said:

Good Websites where I can listen to Spanish, French or Japanese Podcasts?

We Answered:

you can access all those websites through the Skype "live" function--it's way cool
The web site I saw on Skype is down below--they are also on Skypecast as I said before.
You'll need to download Skype too--it's free of charge....

Lawrence Said:

want to improve my listening comprehension in french?

We Answered:

listen to online french radio such as

find a french to be your boyfriend or girlfriend lol

buy french songs , i got a mellow, perfect french song called 'Samba de Mon Coeur Qui Bat ' by Coralie Clement on itunes store. trust me it's one of perfect french songs

Audrey Said:

How can I understand french better?

We Answered:

Here is what I suggest you do: read a book out loud to yourself and listen to your own voice. You'll learn to recognize the sounds.
The best way would be of course to have french speaking friends and practice with them.

Greg Said:

help with listening comprehension?

We Answered:

Having learned another language, I know exactly what you are talking about. Hearing and understanding what other people were saying to me was/is the most difficult for me too. I am not so sure that music is the best thing to listen to though because words get changed, are pronounced differently than they are in normal speech.

Try listening to French radio and paying more attention to the speakers. If you can find a French talk radio station, that would be the best. Children's stations or shows will also have a more fundamental vocabulary that might be easier to begin with.

There are tons of radio stations from all over the world broadcast over the Internet. I am sure you will be able to find one to your liking.

Pauline Said:

French Listening Comprehension Problems?

We Answered:

Listening comprehension is a skill, like all the other language learning skills. You need more practice in it. If your tests are in the form of the teacher reading something to you or speaking out loud, you need a different source for practice. If the tests are in the form of tapes or CD's, the school might allow you to copy them for practice. But there are other sources. First, get a "partner" who is willing to practice French for a short period of time each day. The two of you (or three or four if others are interested) speak only French. Don't worry about whether it is "correct" or not. Listening to others who are speaking the language trains you to listen for meaning, not sound, and is a good exercise whether what you hear is grammatical or not. Second, try using some commercially available tapes or CD's. Check in the local library before you put a lot of money into it. A good tape will provide exercises with an answer key so that you will know whether you are making progress. Listening comprehension is one part of language learning where practice does, indeed, make perfect.

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