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French Reading Comprehension

George Said:

French reading comprehension?

We Answered:

u can ask me, i know french...i can translate anything in french for u

Allen Said:

french reading?????? :)?

We Answered:

There is a lot of mistakes in your text.

1) She thinks that history and geography allow her to have a wide vision of the past and the world.And at the same time,they allow her to have a better comprehension of the current times.

2) She feels that currently,students don't enjoy learning as much as they did in the past .They would like a different type of education.

3) They feel bored and they bother their classmates.

Anita Said:

How can I best learn French?

We Answered:

A little of both?
I tried
And I do believe it helps..

Johnny Said:

Looking for a Book in French?

We Answered:

Gamiani ou Candide. Les deux t'amusera aux ironies et l'absurdité d'existence.

Ray Said:

Where can I find a good website to read French?

We Answered:

Try this site :
It's an informative site about international news, where all articles and reports are both in French and in English. So it will be convenient for you to see easily words translations, and even more, listen to French language with always the English translations.

Bon courage ! :)

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