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Grade 7 Reading Comprehension

Toni Said:

Am I gifted/was I gifted as a child?

We Answered:

From all the research I've done on giftedness (have a 15yr old son who's gifted and have spent most of his life researching so I've done a lot!) I would say you are gifted.... will always be. I'll give you some websites.

You're right, being years ahead in a subject is a sign, preferring older companions is a sign, intensity is a sign, high interest in subjects is a sign, exceptional memory is a sign. You probably have other "signs" that showed up through the years and your parents will probably point out some you showed as a young child.

You didn't mention math. This is actually common in gifted kids to be very advanced in one subject but average in another. Doesn't change that you're gifted.

Use this information to augment your life and education. And you're right, some learning styles are better for one kid than another. I hate it when people "talk down" to other's like they're so much better than them! AFter you work as a paralegal for a while, consider becoming a lawyer. A person that is as high above average as you sound, should do well in law.

I've included a link that explains, very well, why it's important to educate a child at their intellectual level. You should consider this when you have children. Chances are you will have very bright children too!

Good luck!

Brandy Said:

Why are some people bad at Math yet fantastic at writing?

We Answered:

some peoples brains work better with creative things, others with logical reasoning, i.e. math/science. I'm much better at writing than math, so much better.

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