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Interactive Reading Comprehension

Vernon Said:

Should I continue to take College Composition 1?

We Answered:

Well, here are a few options:

1. Go to your new teacher and tell him you just discovered from your counselor that you were taking ENG 111 out of order and would need to get his approval in order to continue.

2. Wait until you have written one essay and have received a grade to decide.

3. Say nothing and simply continue in the course, since you feel good about the teacher and the work load.

I don't like the third possibility--it is operating outside the rules indicated and so becomes an issue about integrity.

I think you have a pretty good chance of being permitted to stay--if you express to your teacher how much you are enjoying the class and feel that you can manage the work.

Here is a little bit of unsolicited advice: work a little bit each night on spelling words. Counselor and sweat were misspelled, and a weakness in spelling may have something to do with the classes you did not pass last semester. You can find word lists by grade level online--start easy and work your way up to harder. Begin, perhaps, at 4th grade level and master that list and then move on to the next grade level.

Bruce Said:

I am looking for a free online interactive math website for my third grader. Does anyone know a good one?

We Answered:

There are plenty of free interactive math websites to choose from! lists dozens.

For basic math operations:…

Date and charts:…




Word problems (Aunty Math rocks!):…

Reading Comprehension (anything by MrNussbaum and ReadWriteThink are both excellent):…

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