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Learn Reading Comprehension

Rodney Said:

how can i help my 15 yr old sister learn to read English with comprehension? Any programs available?

We Answered:

special books... IELTS or TOELF exam preparation papers... Reading Comprehension

Herbert Said:

Am I just living in a fantasy world? Can I really learn to read 1,000 WPM with 75%+ comprehension?

We Answered:

unachievable. save $$

Bertha Said:

How can I learn to read and absorb information faster?

We Answered:

I'm a student, and I read very slowly and cannot understand what I read very well in the past too. This has affected quite a lot on my study. Since reading occupies quite a lot of my time every day, I've decided to find some way to improve my reading speed. Finally, I followed some speed reading course and it works very well. Now I do much better in my study.

So I suggest you to look for some speed reading course to learn with, it is the formal way to improve reading speed and reading comprehension. It is good if you can practice with tools provided in some course, or it may be quite difficult to pick up those skills.

I can recommend the course that I've used for your reference too. I chose it at that time because it has quite a lot of good user feedback, and it is affordable. And it covers reading speed, reading comprehension, and memorization skills. There is also a website which tells how to get the best out of the course, and it guides me to choose the online version of the course. I put the links here for you to check them yourself.…

Hope it helps :)

Michelle Said:

Reading comprehension help with a "hands-on" learner?

We Answered:

Have him read the story out loud and try to emulate the way the speakers are intending their words to sound. Once he is able to do this, reading silently to himself should be easier.

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