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Learning Reading Comprehension

Jenny Said:

Will reading 4 hours/ day for one month improve reading comprehension, speed, and longevity?

We Answered:

It will help your comprehension, speed, and longevity, but you might have a hard time recognizing it. There was a time in my life where I was reading three-five hours a day and back then, I didn't notice my progression. The first thing that made me realize how much it was helping was my reading comprehension scores. At my old school, every nine weeks we took a test and my scores seemed to skyrocket. The next year when we were assigned to read books in Language Arts, my teacher was telling me to not read certain days so the rest of the class could catch up. Reading also helped with my grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I think you should try to read more, but don't immediately go for the books that will make you ennui, go for the ones you want to read, even if they seem "childish". You probably won't notice the differences right away, but you will one day.

Darlene Said:

Learning Reading Comprehension (best way?)?

We Answered:

Read Kurt Vonnegut stories.

Years ago, my journalism teacher wanted us to learn to be concise, to write "like Kurt Vonnegut".

So read those sorts of terse stories, and it will rub off. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to read the newspaper (like the New York Times) a lot so that you pick up the rhythm of concise but information-packed paragraphs.

Also, if you want to increase your reading comprehension, you have to read frequently. Reading is like skating, the; more you read, the better you comprehend what you read.

I for one love to read and have a great vocab and also pretty excellent reading comprehension, just because I read a lot and enjoy it. The more familiar you are with a particular subject, the more easily you will remember details that relate to that subject and then it will be easier to recount that info to others.

Sandra Said:

What is a good web site to learn about reading comprehension.?

We Answered:

These sites might be helpful to you:……

You can also help her by reading together and then asking her questions about what she has read, by having her sequence the story, or by having her retell the story to you.

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It will certainly improve reading comprehension, speed, and longevity with much better learning and development and reading fluency.