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Read Comprehension Test

Carmen Said:

Where can I take a reading comprehension test online by grade levels ?

We Answered:

I googled and this is what i found with grade levels.…

Here's a few others you can try :P……

have fun :)

Leslie Said:

Certified Nursing Assistant - reading comprehension test?

We Answered:

You have a waiting list for the CNA program!? That sucks! Maybe you should look into another program that can get you in right away, like a nursing home program. It is not a hard test, they just want to ensure that you are capable of understanding text written at the level of the CNA book. Most CNA books are written slightly above a middle school level, so if you attended school and did reasonably well, you will do just fine.

Walter Said:

how can I get some free reading comprehension test samples of intermediate and advanced levels?

We Answered:

Here are some sites to try///

Sue Said:

What's the best way to study for a quotes and reading comprehension test?

We Answered:

I recommend going over notes from your class, and use a dictionary, as well as the internet (particularly and check out from the library cliff's notes AND similar study guide books. These books will help rephrase the quotes in a way anyone can understand. I would read the actual quotes, decipher your own meaning, then look up in the books what the quote is supposed to be saying. Try to "translate" the quotes into an easier phrase-something that you can remember for your test and then you can write the rest of an essay, if that is a part of the test, from that easy phrase you made up.

Hope this helps!
Good Luck! :)

Vivian Said:

I have to take a reading comprehension test in order to even try to get into nursing school, any hints b/c I'm

We Answered:

that's not the only thing that schools look at when you apply. Don't get stressed out about it. Nursing schools are looking at your total package.

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