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Reading Comprehension Articles

Rick Said:

how to find articles for reading comprehension questions?

We Answered:

Get the Official SAT Book and look in the critical reading section. There are a ton of articles with questions based on them.

Irene Said:

I REALLY hate reading ARTICLES, BOOKS, EVERYTHING NOT FUN. How can I get myself to read more?

We Answered:

I'm not sure if it helps, but I think if you learned some formal techniques to read faster it may help your interest and concentration on reading.

I'm a student and I read very slowly in the past. But I found I need to read a lot every day even I don't want to, so I decided to find some way to improve it last year. I looked into some courses and found speed reading is the formal way to improve reading skill. Thus I finally decided to go for some speed reading course and I get much improved. Now I like reading much more than I did in the past, because I can read faster and with better comprehension. You may consider to find some speed reading couse to learn with as well.

I've mentioned the course that I go for in another answer, BTW. See if it helps:…

Crystal Said:

Im struggling with reading comprehension?

We Answered:

First of all you need to speak English all the time if you want to improve your reading and comprehension skills. Whats your mother tongue? If it is not English then you need to speak English most of the time. Find a friend who is good at it, speak with him.

Watch English movies and try to understand every sentence; by movies I mean the movies with the drama themes (try getting a movie with English subtitles). Learn the accent and improve it. Remember! you can never improve your skills until you improve your speaking accent.

Moreover, Try reading novels with simple comprehension and of the basic level. Do not put your hands directly on mature level novels and text.

Personally, When I was a kid I used to speak English with myself and I started reading small stories and essays. Also, I used to watch English movies which made my comprehension improve by, say, 40%

While reading just relax and don't count the number of pages you've read or the number of pages you are left with, Just Read!

Try to enjoy reading and read with expression of words, read out Loud and try reading in silent conditions. I used enjoy reading at late night hours but sometimes I also liked to read in noisy conditions like in the collage bus.

Mark your favourite writers and read their novels because their way of writing will help you. Do not just try to memorize words without knowing the meaning, also, do not creep in the dictionary too much, just use the difficult words in sentences and before that just look in the dictionary. When you'll use it in the sentence then you'll never forget that word.

Last, Do Not feel ashamed of learning from ordinary people, ask people to mark your mistakes but you need to correct them yourselves.

God Bless You!

Thomas Said:

reading comprehension help regarding a sentence I have read in an article?

We Answered:

Think about it.

Why are they bench players? Being benched means you aren't on the field or court playing...because there are better players? Those who aren't just benched, but are "bench players" are so poor at the sport, they never get into the game. How much would you pay, if you were a coach from another team, for a "bench player" ?


But now, you can't even GIVE them away, they are so worthless as players.
It obviously costs the other team who would take a free player, something. Are they allowed only a certain number of players? Why would they take someone who can't play? These players aren't even worth "free giveaway."

Antonio Said:

***WHAT books/articles should i read to IMPROVE SAT "critical reading" COMPREHENSION understanding.. ?****?

We Answered:

I don't think it matters specifically WHAT you read but just that you are reading challenging material.

I always ask my students to read articles from The New York Times. You can use this for a few things
1) Vocabulary- circle 3-5 words you don't know and make flashcards
2) Critical Reading - Ask yourself what the article is saying, what the purpose of the article is, what the opinion of the author is, and what the overall tone of the article is. This will heklp prepare you for the SAT questions you will face on test day.

You cna choose anya rtiicles you want, but if you read 3 articles a week I would limit one to sports or arts and try to read at least 2 articles of more serious news or more boring topics, like what you'll see on test day.

Discuss It! said:

Me and my friends always practice our English skills (reading, writing, listening, just learning some words etc) together so that we could learn from each other. If you really want to be good at English, you just have to find people who are as passionate about it as you are :)

Assignment writing stress said:

I think blogs can also help them to find relevant answers. Set Google Alert for that.