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Reading Comprehension Examples

Sidney Said:

Do pharmaceuticals damage people's reading & comprehension skills?

We Answered:

I don't think there is a cure my dear! This what trips me up when they say there is no science to Back most herbs up.If herbs are not tested they could kill you! I mean really the pills have been through the science labs by smart people and they kill people everyday.Do I have something to back that up YES I say turn the tv on and take ear to the adds that go like so....Have you or a family member taken so and so drug and had a list of issues that takes up most of the add if you or a family member have died or had any of the problems call us we are on your side.What about cough syrup that went thought the lab? Have you herd on the new it does not work!What about teething gel for baby's that has science to back it up and I know for a fact it does not worth I tossed it and got some simple cloves boiled it and put it on my childs gums.Here is your science go to the mountains back in the woods as I live go find yourself an old granny that is about 90 that has never been to the dr a hand full of times and had 10 kids at home.Ask her how to treat something!There is some science!I know this women that has helped people with things the dr was clueless with.I love my dr dont get me wrong why do I love him because he is not stupid he knows herbs work he knows homebirths work!Yes I have had to go to the dr from time to time.Think of this if herbs dont work how did people treat themselves yes people died from things meds could help yeah,yeah we know that.The people today did not dream these herbs of they have been passed down for hundreds of years! Hey for all you know God told Adam what the plants were good for after all he did name everthing! My science works it is proved right here in my house,down the road at a old wise womens house.People need to know when to go to the dr but most of all people need to learn a few things to take care of themselvesfs you have no clue what tommarrow holds for all we know you may be shut out of the drs doors! Then what! Just know some simple things for sinus,flu,cold,gas,colic really what sort of science do you need for that.Even our family dr say people run to the dr for everything.I know all the downs are from narrow minded people.Stop it go take some fennel seed lol and see what happens that will be enough science for you to know when you are gassing geees this really works it get the gas out.The price of about 50 to 75 cents and that will do you for a long time.It would be to simple for people that have thousands of dollar in collage to do something so simple.Always gaining knowledge but never wisdom.j;l

Loretta Said:

Is the Bible-bashing posted here by atheists simply poor reading comprehension or just illustrating Poe's Law?

We Answered:

I think I just owned Angie. You did too.

"Four Corners Travel" is hilarious. We'll both end up blocked, which is what tolerant atheists do.

Rhonda Said:

What kind of books mostly increase reading comprehension?

We Answered:

All of them, pretty much.

What seems to work, for virtually everyone who can read, is a book which is a little challenging to read. Not completely easy, but not too difficult, either. If the book is interesting enough that the reader plows forward, their reading abilities improve.

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