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Reading Comprehension For 5th Grade

Edna Said:

Does she have a learning disability?

We Answered:

Um I suspect she does have a learning disability called dyslexia, which is not picked up in the school performed tests, she needs to be assessed by a school psychologist, who has knowledge in learning disabilities in particularly dyslexia.

My daughter like your sister, reading comprehension ability was well above her class peers, but her hand writing and spelling was well below her class peers, if she had to read aloud she would do so haltingly, often mixing up or missing words and even adding words that are not there.

I have included a few links which explains in detail the signs and symptoms of dyslexia, as well as what a dyslexic may see when reading.

If you want any further information please send me an email, as I more than happy to help, with coping strategies and tips to help her within the classroom but at home too.

Good on you for wanting to help your sister, and I wish you both the best.

Ken Said:

Why am i so horrible in math?

We Answered:

Learning disabilities often go hand in hand with ADHD.

It makes life very difficult because you are obviously of average or above intelligence ( advanced language skills) and yet Math is so hard.
I am a teacher with a degree in this area and have seen hundreds of students in your position. That big gap between math and English is a big indicator of a learning disability.

Most people ( including parents) don't have a very good understanding of how the ADHD brain works. "Trying harder" doesn't work.
That's like telling someone with one leg to run faster.

Consider a college/career choice that does not require math.
You're old enough to do some searching on the net on ADHD and getting to know all about it.
Have you seen a psychiatrist? They can be a BIG help with this disorder.
If you have been tested at school, then they should be making accomodations for your math disability - tutor, extra time on tests , etc.

Sounds like you are going to have to be your own advocate.Parents often deny there is a legitimate problem because if they believe it, they think they must have caused it - not true.
You're smart. You will make it.

Katherine Said:

ISEE test results- applying to 9th grade?

We Answered:

i just got my ISEE scores for st. agnes academy in houston...

In verbal reasoning i got 894. percentile rank- 81.
Reading comprehension: 883- percentile- 50.
Quantitative Reasoning: 881- percentile 58.
Mathematics Achievement: 884- percentile- 59.

Im scared that i got bad scores and i didn't get in...
ill know if i got in in march.

Sonia Said:

Is "Treasure Island" too hard and will it maintain students' interest?

We Answered:

Good news: there's TONS of A/V material out there for you to use as a hook: You could run the preview to the classic movie by them, you could say you were going to compare that story to the Disney flick Treasure Planet, you could have them try and find characters from Treasure Island that most resemble characters from Pirates of the Caribbean (and WHY?), and so on and so on... Ability-wise, I think 4/5 grade is prime reading time for this material, and I'm glad to see you having a go.

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