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Reading Comprehension For Adults

Henry Said:

where can i find video tapes or dvds on reading comprehension skills to buy for a young adult?

We Answered:

try the local libary

Alicia Said:

Does anyone have a system of reading textbooks they could share with this struggling reader?

We Answered:

O.K. write this down and follow every step in order:
1. Read the chapters introduction
2. Read the chapter's conclusion
3. Then go back to the first page of the Chapter and read the first sentence and last sentence of every paragraph
4. Make sure you read the headings for each section as you read
5. Look at any and all the charts, graphs, diagrams, and pictures that you find in the chapter and their subsequent explanation.
6. Finally, do in review questions or supplemental questions you may find at the end of the chapter.
If you do this; I promise that you will have greater retention and a better understanding of the important issues without all the "fluff" that authors use.

Elsie Said:

How do you all get through extremely stressful situations?

We Answered:

Hey! I've been exactly where you are. Only 2 years ago I was a teenager and from the time I was 13 until now I constantly go through stressful situations. I tried drugs, alcohol, cutting myself, inflicting pain, you name it I tried it and nothing made things better. It wasn't until I started going to church (I'm non-denominational) that I found out how to ease the "stress" in my life. I'm not preaching to you, I'm just telling you what worked for me. I completely understand where you are coming from. You have no idea what I went through! I do know that if I had found the Lord sooner I wouldn't have had to go through all the bad decisions I made to try to fix things.
I hope that this helped in some way!
God Bless!
Music helped me a lot in certain situations! I suggest Christian, they have all kinds of different genres of Christian music. I like more metal type music so I listen to Skillet and bands like that. Just thought I'd let you know! :)

Lucille Said:

Do you know if there is any adults that cannot read? IM one of them.?

We Answered:

Of course. In some places in Africa less than 35% of the people there can read. It is very sad. If you buy books from Better World Books, they use some of the money to combat global illiteracy. About you getting bored when reading, try going to the library and asking a librarian about exciting books. There is really no way to "exercise" your eyes to read. It really helps to eat right and get a good nights sleep. Good luck!

Carla Said:

Have you read every single word of the Christian Bible?

We Answered:

Yes, twice.

The first time took a couple of weeks, spending a couple of hours on it per day (I'm a fast reader).

The second time took significantly longer, because I actually stopped and thought about what I was reading - and tried to make sense of the contradictions, reconcile the "all-loving, just God" I had been raised to believe in with the actual nature of God described within the pages of the Bible - and interspersed those readings with reading commentaries on the passages I was reading, to make sure I fully understood them.

And that's actually what started me on the road to atheism.

Stanley Said:

Do you have any recommendations?

We Answered:

Try any of Sue Grafton's books. She is a mystery writer and has a book written for every letter of the alphabet through the letter
s. Maybe even T by now. She uses humor and mystery and maybe some sex but not a lot (some of them none). They are easy to read and I find them interesting but I love to read.

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