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Reading Comprehension For College Students

Joan Said:

What are good books/authors for teenagers & college students?

We Answered:

I think reading the Harry Potter series will really open your eyes to all kinds of issues and paths you've never thought of before. The first 3 books are more kid stuff, but you kinda HAVE to read it to REALLY understand whats going down in the last 2 books esspecially. It falls under magical realism.

Other than than, find a good volume of world literature and crack that sucker open. A good anthology has hundreds of short stories and plays that your very likely going to get inot when college analysis time rolls around.

Edgar Said:

I have a learning disability and I want to attend college to becomea Registered Nurse.Should I pursue it?

We Answered:

Are you in the US? If so, contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office. Voc Rehab is a program that is admistered by the State you live in.. so it is impossible to provide you with a link without knowing what State you reside in..... They can help you find out what you are capable of and will also help you with courses in things like Reading Comprehension to help you become employable in an occupation you will enjoy

I applaude you for you hanging in there & for pursuing a higher education -- KEEP IT UP!!!
Also.. you apparently have an idea of what you need & believe me when I tell you that Voc Rehab will do all that they can to help you obtain an education as well as help you stumbling blocks (such as your disability)

I did a search for Vocational Rehabilitation on the Internet & apparently this is a topic that has come up before in Yahoo Answers. In your main Yahoo Answers page, go the search box & type in Vocational Rehab... there is some great info in those answers as well

Good Luck on your career!!!!

Stanley Said:

What are students tested on in the Japanese College Entrance Exams?

We Answered:

The subjects are Japanese, English, math, science, society (history, geography, etc).

Each private college has its own exam while all national colleges have one same test. Some of them choose 3 among the 5 above.

>Are they as hard as the AP exams in the US?

It depends on each college. It's hard to join a high ranking one.

Penny Said:

Why would a headache effect my reading comprehension?

We Answered:

Any time we have severe pain, it can affect our ability to focus. Just being tired and run down can affect your comprehension, so extreme pain can simply wipe it out. Talk to your professor about what happened and ask if a note from your doctor about your history of severe headaches might give you any other options. If you are normally an "A" student, your professor will probably cut you some slack.

It sounds like you might be having migraine headaches. There are some effective treatments now for migraines. Talk to your doctor so you can reduce the times you have to go through this kind of stress.

Wesley Said:

What can I do about my reading disability?

We Answered:

Firstly, it seems to me that you are a very learned individual despite your difficulties so I must really congratulate you on what seems to be a very difficult academic journey for you.

My suggestion is to first assess if you have an actual reading / reading comprehension disorder so that you can properly get help to intervene with your difficulties.

I am not sure if you should go to a sped instructor (who can assist you in finding a specialist which can most likely are licensed to assess such difficulties) or a neurologist which can pinpoint anatomical origins to your difficulty if there is any.

Like many things, the first we should all rule out is medical... then psychological.

hope this helps :D

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