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Reading Comprehension For Middle School

Doris Said:

Is Pastafarianism a lame joke that got old very very quickly OR proof that some people fail to recognize....?

We Answered:

The origins of Pastafarianism are now irrelevant (as with any other religion). So long as there are people that believe in it then by definition it is a religion, and you can no more disprove my beliefs or the sincerity of my beliefs as I can yours. Therefore Pastafarianism is a religion and as it has no charismatic leader and does not use any form of brainwashing or coercion it is not a cult .

Zhandra if they are pirate swords it's nothing to worry about all good Pastafarians do that, if they are samurai swords either get a separation or a suit of armour.

Renee Said:

Would anyone read over my application essay?

We Answered:

Talking about your CTY and summer program experiences is a very smart move; Hopkins likes students who feel a connection to the school already. However, I'd take it further and actually go into what you studied, who you studied with, and the specific details that captured your imagination. Right now, you're dealing in a lot of generalizations which I think are designed to show off your writing skill, but don't actually make much of an impression because there's not a lot of substance beneath the flowery language.

On the other hand, an interest in anthropology will probably set you apart, so it might not matter all that much. (I have to say I wasn't all that fond of the one course I took in that subject while I was there, but maybe I just got a dud.) Either way, if you're planning on going into academia, you're definitely looking at the right school. Good luck!

Nathan Said:

How can i improve my intelligence????

We Answered:

Think beyond your present dreams, to the dreams you will have once they've already come true.

And when you can clearly see that life and those dreams in your mind's eye; how confident you will walk and how proud you will feel--Start walking and feeling like that today.

Thoughts become things....choose the good ones!

Ruben Said:

Please read my personal statement and give quick opinion?

We Answered:

"brought me to America with them when pursuing higher education in the United States"

Just change it to: brought me to America when pursuing their higher education or brought me with them when pursuing their higher education in the United States.

"Although, since then, both my parents immediately adjusted to speaking predominantly English with my sister and me, I maintained the language and link to the Russian world, partly as a result of my grandmothers' sojourns to our homes."

Change to: Since arriving, although both my parents immediately adjusted to speaking predominantly English with my sister and I, I was able to maintain the language and link to the Russian world partly due to my grandmother's sojourns to our homes. (also are you talking about one grandmother or multiple grandmothers? If you are talking about one then the apostrophe needs to be before the s).

"I have a superior comprehension of the Spanish language when compared to other non-native peers"

Change to: My comprehension of the Spanish language is superior than that of my non-native Spanish speaking peers. (If I was you I would get rid of this part, it is really showing you as a pompous person and college admissions officers may hold it against you. It is nice to have self esteem but being pompous will work against you.)

"My highest aspiration is to continue to interact with many worlds and carry forth my own growth, and I confide in the excellent university environment for being the catalyst in doing so."

Change to: My highest aspiration is to continue my interaction with many worlds and carry forth my own growth, the excellent university environment will be my catalyst in making the aspiration happen. (if possible, change the excellent university to the name of the University you are applying to, it will really turn some heads).

Other than that the essay is solid, also try not to use too many complex vocab words, it will make it sound like you are just trying to be smart.

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