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Reading Comprehension Grammar

Louis Said:

How does reading improve your comprehension & grammar and punctuation skills?

We Answered:

Seeing and reading good examples triggers improvement for almost anything

Bernice Said:


We Answered:

Now that you have clarified the typographical error 'on', not 'an', the sentence does make sense, although its construction is somewhat awkward and run-on. Excellently of course is an adverb describing HOW she got on.
All of what follows is a compound adverbial clause with the subject (Claudia) understood, not stated. It is a compound clause because of the word 'and' between the verbs 'did' and 'found', describing WHY she got on excellently.
The use of the word 'for' instead of the more common 'because' may also have confused you because that is a less commonly used meaning of the word.

Charlene Said:

Are bad spelling, bad grammar, cultural illiteracy and lack of reading comprehension?

We Answered:

you will also see a lot of nor-religious with the same problem.
no it is not a religious thing,

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betriece said:

this is very in-teresting coversation