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Reading Comprehension Software

Marvin Said:

Reading Speed Improvement Software?

We Answered:

I used a software called "EYE Q" and found it to be remotely useful. I think that the thing with speed reading is that you will lose your ability to concentrate on important material, which I think is a detriment to long time learning, Good Luck.

Francisco Said:

Whats the best Speed Reading Program/Book/CD-Rom/Software?

We Answered:

I used a program to learn speed reading a few month ago with good success. I learned both speed reading and comprehension altogether, I spent an hour or two per day and I got pretty good improvement after a month's learning. It does provide exercises and I guess it will work well for you too.

I've done my research at that time before I chose the course to start with. You can see the actual customer review on Amazon for the program I used. There is also a website which talks about how to get the most out of the program. I put the links here for you to check them out yourself:…

And I'll suggest you to choose the online version if you want to get started immediately. It is also the version I used.

Hope that helps.

Amanda Said:

I am an adult (over 45) that is dyslexia. What can I do to improve my understanding as I attend college.?

We Answered:

hi there I too have dyslexia and my daughter. this is one of the best web sites I have found on the subject thus far it has many good links to other very good web sites

it gives study tips organization tips and things like that. my daughter has found that using colored paper does many of her things works great and colored overlays helps her reading times. all this is in the web page I gave you. They have come a long way in the things they have learned about dyslexia. Also if you have an actual diagnosis from a doc. you can get special ed even in collage worth looking into.

good luck and great your going back to school

Eric Said:

I have just found out my 8 yr. old grandson has tremendous difficulty with reading comprehension.?

We Answered:

Dyslexia is a term for children who exhibit certain behaviors. There is no proven source for the problem. Once they are labelled dyslexic, it will stay with them the rest of their life. The other thing they end up in is special education. There are many reasons to avoid this.

On the other hand, the resources for helping a child deal with the problems are all tied up for those who have dyslexia or are in special education!

First, go to a teacher supply store. Get some simple materials for use with comprehension for a younger age than your grandson. Work with them. Once they have mastered it (and you've created a reward system for their efforts) then go to the next age level/grade and work on it more. Don't wait for the public school. Do it yourself.

By the way, dyslexia causes problems with fluency, not comprehension.

The main thing that will help is exposure to reading and discussions about what the reading means (plot, setting, characters, etc.).

Contact me if I can help further.

Derrick Said:

SpidiRead Software or EyeQ Software to improve reading...?

We Answered:

you bet yeh..,it's nice but i don't use that

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