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Reading Comprehension Tools

Lauren Said:

Can any one work out the independent variable and the dependent variable in the abstract below?

We Answered:

i thought you needed details of the study to figure the independent and dependent variables?
but im guessing the INdependent variable is the type of skill the participant is tested for and the dependent variable is the reading ability :)

Clifton Said:

Examples of Reading Tools?

We Answered:

There are text books called "Readers", which combine various letters in small number, so that students can practice the sounds that certain letters make when put together. This will help increase reading accuracy.
To help reading comprehension, start with short stories. Children's books are great for this. As the reading comprehension increases, slowly move to longer or more complicated stories. It really depends on what age group or level or proficiency you are teaching at.

Sam Said:

can anyone help me with this?

We Answered:

Logos are visual representations with a concept, idea, or company. They are different from words because people can have many associations with them. And because they are visual, they are often easier to interpret then words. For example, you could talk about how Apple is able to expand their visibility using the Apple logo instead of the word "Apple."

Joan Said:

Good way to treat aphasia?

We Answered:

I'd say anything where he has to practice what he has learned functionally. The best thing to do is put him in a practical situation and let him work through it, and aid him.

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