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Short Stories For Comprehension

Ruth Said:

feedback on a short story i wrote plzz?

We Answered:

hmm. i get the obscurity your trying to leave, but all the adjectives mess me up. I once thought I was a pretty good writer, and had this professor at college rip me apart for this kind of writing. I think of her everytime I read something like this.... its like your trying to tell a deep story - and telling us everything BUT the story. Dont tell it if your leaving it up to us to try to figure it out. The end isnt always where the answer needs to be. Ever read a really, really good novel? (I know thats not what your going for here - but it proves my point.) ... your following along w/ the story and you have all the info you need to follow it along, and the end can still kick you in the a**, something you never would have thought - but they didnt use all these empty words, obscure details about nothing to leave you hanging. That is the difference between yours and theirs.

Brett Said:

I am a teacher of English and I am searching for simplified stories in English esp. classics?

We Answered:

This site has many:

I teach Spanish and often adapt stories myself with vocabulary that the students understand and I make vocab lists to go along with each story. It is a lot of work at first, but once you make it then you can use it for a long time.

Colleen Said:

Does anyone know where I can find good comprehension questions for these short stories?

We Answered:

I thought that I saw a good powerpoint presentation available for free download at

Lance Said:

Please help me out with these multiple choice questions??

We Answered:

1) B. 8 gallons
2) A. Knowledge
3) C. Analysis


Shawn Said:

Please help me out with a few multiple choice questions? please??

We Answered:


Marion Said:

feedback on this short story?

We Answered:

Sounds great to me, I'd like to read more. Are you on any writing sites? I'm on They have cool features. worth checking out!! and good luck.

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