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Teaching Reading Comprehension

Felix Said:

Teaching reading comprehension to Chinese students... how do you do it?

We Answered:

I teach Second Grade to Taiwanese/American students at an international school in Taiwan. Reading Comprehension is something we concentrate a lot on in second grade.
I start the year by just encouraging them to read anything they can get their hands on.
Then, I also teach small elements of reading, writing and organization. Things like cause/effect, fact vs. fiction, chronological organization, etc. This is all done with lots of examples and worksheets.
Also- I try to read to my students every day. I paraphrase, and ask them for clarification and summarizing at the end.
Around the middle of the school year we start a large writing unit. This helps them understand how to become writers, so others can understand what you are trying to express. This helped them A LOT with understanding what they are reading. We start writing descriptive sentences, then move on to paragraphs, autobiographies, persuasive letters and even research papers.
I spend a lot of time teaching how to pick out important information and take notes on it. Then, how to use that information to write a paper.

I hope this helps a little. I have a lot more information, but the main point is to start them reading all different forms of things.

Discuss It! said:

Wow, these are some helpful tips! I think this technique is really helpful when it comes to learning English while being a foreigner.

assignment help online said:

well taiwani language is somewhat similar to chinese or Mandaarin. Whatever..