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Bachelor Of Science Degree

Lee Said:

Getting a job with an associate degree in computer science when I already have a bachelor degree in marketing?

We Answered:

It is often said that when you ask you find answers,well you are just so lucky to get this at your way . you can get that job on computer configuration and stuff like that,i am a living figure cos i work here as an engineer in the department of networking and i got my employement straight it was introduced to me by my aunt.. Mr Craig is the agent to a company group that is most reliable.( VENUS INTERNATIONAL VENTURES LIMITED) and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the marketing and distribution of
quality electrical appliances and hi-tech products, including the
renowned 'GENERAL' air-conditioning unit, refrigerator, "FUJI Electric"
air-conditioning unit, 'GALA' washing machine, air purifier,
de-humidifier, range hood, 'LG' Plasma, LCD TV, Projection TV, Projectors and
'Goldline' gas built-in hob, i work there so if you wish to get a job there you can try one of there agent, Mr Craig ([email protected]) and stop asking for money

Aaron Said:

Is Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design or Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design a better Degree?

We Answered:

A BFA has a bit more snob appeal. I think you should choose based on the program, instruction, help with getting a job after school etc. The degree isn't as important as the education and what gets you the job is the work you produce. Pick the better school and the degree will be just fine in either case.

Minnie Said:

Best use of a Bachelor of Science degree?

We Answered:

Well obviously your career path is going to be in IT. You could look for IT jobs in the government as an "IT Specialist" or something like that. I work for the government (not as an IT guy) and there are alot of IT guys there. Good luck.

Viola Said:

Can I transfer an associate of applied science degree to a bachelor degree?

We Answered:

We accept transfer students with AAS degrees often.

The academic courses, if they more or less match one of our core courses, and you have satisfactory grades [C or better] usually transfer in for full credit. At the very least, with good grades we will give credit toward an elective.

The vocational courses sometimes transfer in - it depends on the course. If you get a C or better, we often [usually] will give at least elective credit - we really like the students with vocational and technical training and encourage them to apply.

Max Said:

Can you mix bachelor of science degree with bachelor of arts?

We Answered:

Just like 1oldone answered in the previous post, you can double major. But, if you will already have an associates degree, then you will already have most of your electives taken care of. You might have to take a couple of elective classes. But to double major, you are taking the core classes for both majors. It is a lot easier done then said; as long as you have the stamina to do it.

Carl Said:

how long would it take a science bachelor degree holder to do a medical degree?

We Answered:

The same amount as anyone with a BS or BA.

Medical school has a very different focus than even undergraduate bio/biomedical degrees, with a focus on clinical presentation, diagnosis, and whatnot in addition to the molecular science.....and even the molecular focus is different. Also, most med school in the US are in an integrated format, so you can't "place out" of a class because it's all combined together (and even back in the days of separate courses, you couldn't place out anyway). Med Schools are accountable for making sure you are *competent* in all the skills and science...and having taken a class--even a degree--and being competent in the material are very different things.

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